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When you need electrical repairs after experiencing a power loss in Ashford CT, call AJP Electric, LLC. AJP Electric is a full service electrical contractor offering emergency electrical services in Ashford and surrounding towns. When you have a residential or commercial power emergency, AJP Electric, LLC is the company to rely on. Day or night, when your wiring fails, your outlet overloads, your home has a power surge during an electrical storm, your attic fans fail or your light switch shorts out – give us a call. We can even come out to wire your pool pump.

Electrical emergencies often occur outside normal business hours. When you have an electrical failure at your home or place of business, and it’s after hours or during a three day weekend, don’t take matters into your own hands. AJP Electric is a phone call away when you need the services of a licensed electrical contractor.

When you hire AJP Electrical, you will receive quality electrical service from a locally owned and family operated business with over 20 years of experience in on-site electrical troubleshooting, installation and maintenance. Please call 1-860-875-7755 for a consultation today. 

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Electrical Repairs | Ashford CT | AJP Electric LLC

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs – Mansfield CT

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In the Mansfield area, call AJP Electric LLC for electrical troubleshooting and repairs. In older homes and buildings, your current service may not be adequate for your modern appliances and air conditioning. If you find that your circuit breaker trips in certain rooms, or your air conditioner draws too much power, call AJP Electric right away. Unless a licensed electrician inspects the circuits, you may have an unsafe electrical issue in your home. As licensed electrical technicians, we are experienced in all aspects of installations and electrical wiring. Wiring over 20 years old can be a safety hazard. In the era of the smart appliance, just replacing your television and kitchen range may tax your electrical service. Old wiring is more than an inconvenience, it is not safe.

Have you ever tripped the circuit breaker when running the microwave when your iron is on? You may not have safe outlets installed near your kitchen and bathroom sinks, either. You might need to change ungrounded 2-prong outlets to 3-prong outlets, and rewire the house to get rid of old knob-and-tube wiring that can start a fire. Depending on your needs and the appliances you own, you may even need to upgrade modern wiring to support new appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and other projects.The older a home is and the more times it has changed hands increases the likelihood that changes will have deviated from original design of the house. It’s best to err on the side of caution when renovating older homes. Call AJP Electric at 1-860-875-7755 for a free consultation. We can tell you what to expect and give you a plan that is affordable and safe for you and your family.

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Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs | Mansfield CT | AJP Electric LLC