Call AJP Electric LLC for professional electric fireplace installation in Willington CT. When you want to have a supplemental heat source in a den, living room or master bedroom, consider an electric fireplace. These attractive appliances change the ambiance of a room. There are many attractive styles from which to choose, so finding a fireplace that complements your decor should not be a problem. Although we are not endorsing one particular brand over another, it is wise to shop for brands that are UL Certified and/or CSA Certified. You want to purchase a brand that has been inspected under strict quality control guidelines. Permits are not required to install electric fireplace heaters. The top brands like Dimplex, Classic Flame and Real Flame are among those certified safe for consumers. Look for features such as safety shut-off, automatic shut-off timer, and a temperature limiter. It is important to observe basic safety precautions when using an electric fireplace. Electric fireplace heaters should never be connected using extension cords. They should be plugged directly to a wall outlet or hardwired into your home’s electrical system. A free standing electric fireplace heater has a few advantages over a natural wood burning fireplace, a coal burning unit, or natural gas. You can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace in your house or apartment without the mess, maintenance, and fuel costs of traditional fireplaces. As a decorative element, electric fireplace heaters beautify even when not in use.They use about as much energy as a simple space heater. There are absolutely no carbon emissions, no fuel is consumed, no venting is required, and there is no messy ash to clean up. Call AJP Electric LLC at 860-875-7755 with any questions you may have today.

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