When you are in need of electric heater installation in your home or office, call AJP Electric LLC. Have you enclosed a porch, installed a three-season room or have a guest room that will not warm up in the cold months? Portable heaters may not be energy efficient or safe around children. It is important to have a licensed electrician run a separate circuit for any electric heaters you need. Whether you mount electric heaters in walls or along the baseboard, installing a heater on a separate electrical circuit is safer than plugging one into a wall socket. AJP Electric will run a new, safe 240-volt circuit and install a programmable thermostat. Most homes have sufficient capacity for the new circuit in your electric panel, however if your home does not we can upgrade your electrical panel as well.

When you have small electrical jobs around your home, such as replacement lighting, an exhaust fan or a ceiling fan installation, give AJP Electric LLC a call. Our motto "No job too small" reinforces our desire to take on those small projects that other companies may not want to do. Many of my clients are very happy to find an electrician they are comfortable with. Rather than attempt a project on your own or put up without service at all, give me a call. I hope to be your first choice for years to come. When you hire AJP Electrical, you will receive quality electrical service from a locally owned and family operated business with over 20 years of experience in on-site electrical troubleshooting, installation and maintenance. Please call 1-860-875-7755 for a consultation today. 

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