Trust AJP Electric LLC for electrical panel upgrades Willington CT. If you own a home with an electrical panel installed as far back as the 1980s, it's essential to evaluate its condition and consider an upgrade. While modern electrical panels are designed to be safe and efficient, older panels may have deteriorated components that pose safety risks. In this blog, we will discuss why upgrading your electrical panel is crucial, especially in situations such as home renovations, adding appliances, meeting insurance requirements, and more. At AJP Electric, LLC, we are experts in electrical panel upgrades in Willington, CT, ensuring your home's safety and convenience.

Reduce Panel Failures and Improve Safety

Old electrical panels can become unsafe over time due to component deterioration. By upgrading your panel, you can eliminate potential fire hazards, reduce the risk of electrical shocks, and provide a safer living environment for your family.

Accommodating Home Renovations:

If you're planning a home renovation, particularly in appliance-heavy areas like the kitchen, it's essential to evaluate your electrical panel's capacity. Upgrading the panel allows you to meet the increased electrical demands and ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your newly installed appliances.

Adding a Home Addition:

Expanding your home with an addition requires careful consideration of your electrical system's capacity. Upgrading your electrical panel can provide the necessary space and capacity to accommodate the electrical needs of your new addition, ensuring seamless integration into your existing electrical system.

Adding Major Appliances:

The addition of major appliances such as central heating and air systems, stoves, spas, and garage power equipment can strain older electrical panels. Upgrading the panel will ensure that your electrical system can handle the increased load. Eliminate new power supply issues such as circuit overloads and frequent tripping.

Meeting Homeowners Insurance Requirements:

Some home insurance policies have specific requirements regarding electrical panels. Older panels with fuses may not meet the standards set by insurance companies, leading to potential coverage issues. Upgrading your panel to a modern system can help you comply with insurance requirements and maintain coverage for your property.

240 Volt Circuit Needs:

Certain appliances and equipment, such as electric car charging stations or high-power machinery, require a 240-volt circuit. If you need to install such a circuit, upgrading your electrical panel may be necessary to accommodate the additional load. This will ensure a safe and reliable power supply.

Adding a Sub Panel:

If your current electrical panel lacks available space to add new circuits, installing a sub-panel can be a practical solution. Upgrading your main panel allows for the installation of a sub-panel, providing additional circuit capacity for your expanding electrical needs. Ensuring the safety and functionality of your home's electrical system is of utmost importance. If your electrical panel is outdated or no longer meets your needs, it's time to consider an upgrade. At AJP Electric, LLC, we offer professional electrical panel upgrades in Willington, CT, tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take a proactive step toward a safer and more efficient electrical system. Call 860-875-7755 today.  

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