When your home or business offices need professional exhaust fan installation Bolton CT, call upon the services of AJP Electric, LLC. Exhaust fans provide healthy ventilation in key areas like your bathroom, kitchen, garage and basement. These rooms typically accumulate moisture from bathing, cooking, toxic fumes or other factors. Odors, chemical fumes, mold spores, heat and excess humidity can be safely discharged to the outside of the building. Proper exhaust fan installation and correct venting ought to be done by a qualified electrical contractor. Professional installation assures your room will have the appropriate fan to perform the job. With AJP Electric, your ventilation issues can be solved by a reputable electrical contractor. We can do a new installation for you or upgrade to a combination fan/lighting fixture or fan/heating unit.  Safe wiring and proper ventilation are guaranteed when you select AJP Electric for your installation. We are a family owned and operated local company.  

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