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AJP Electric is your local generator electrical contractor serving towns in Tolland County CT. Whether you own a home or a business, you want dependable and safe power - all the time. When there has been an power outage, the safety, security and comfort of your home or business can be compromised. When the power goes out, heating and cooling are affected, as are security and lighting. The electrical contractors at AJP Electric have solutions that give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your property. We believe it is important to look into installing one of our emergency standby generators. Our products turn on when your main power source goes out, with little to no lag time. Schedule a consultation to find out which types of generators are best for your home or business. Whether you already have a generator that just needs a tune-up, or you’re in the market for a new backup power source, we’re here for you. Talk to us today to learn more about our generator solutions.

Do you need an interlocking system for your generator?

Everyone knows what a generator is, but do you know what an interlocking system is and how you and your family can benefit from one? A generator interlock kit is a device designed to allow safe backfeeding of a home through a portable generator during power outages. This eliminates unsafe generator backfeeding situations that could potentially electrocute power linemen or destroy the generator. Backfeeding occurs when electric power is being induced into the local power grid. Power flows in the opposite direction from its usual flow. Not only is this unsafe, but is illegal! Some people have a manual transfer switch, but the problem is that you’ll need extension cords to connect all of your appliances to your generator. Running these cords through your home creates the hazards of tripping and falling, and even causing a fire. A big issue with transfer switches is that furnaces and water heaters can’t be connected by cord so these devices simply won’t work until power is restored. We safely connect your generator to your panel without a transfer switch with an interlock kit. AJP Electric can easily mount an interlock device to your existing electrical panel. If you need to upgrade your electrical pane, we can do that too! We can even help you decide what generator to order. We can take care of everything for you, typically in one day or less. Call us at 1-860-875-7755 to learn how we can help you prepare for any electrical outage.

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