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It's officially hurricane season, and a very good time to schedule a generator installation from AJP Electric, LLC. AJP Electric is your local generator electrical contractor serving towns in Tolland County CT. To run efficiently, your home and business rely on a reliable supply of power. During a prolonged power outage, the safety, security and comfort of your home or business can be compromised. Your building's heating, cooling, security, refrigeration and lighting rely on power for normal operations. For the ill, disabled or infirm, medical machines need electricity. The electrical contractors at AJP Electric have solutions that give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your property. The power can go off at any time, during a storm or when a line goes down. We believe it is important to look into installing one of our emergency standby generators. Our generators turn on when your main power source goes out, with little to no lag time. Schedule a consultation to find out which types of generators are best for your home or business. Whether you already have a generator that just needs a tune-up, or you’re in the market for a new backup power source, we’re here for you. AJP Electric will install the appropriate generator for your building. We can take care of everything for you, typically in one day or less. Talk to us today to learn more about our generator solutions. Call us at 1-860-875-7755 to learn how we can help you prepare for any electrical outage.

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