Generator Installations in Marlborough, CT

Generator Installers in Marlborough, CT

If you live in Marlborough, CT, you may feel stuck trying to find the best Generator Installers. We’re here to ensure you that AJP Electric is the best in the state! No need to keep shopping around for generator services, because we are highly qualified and affordable. AJP Electric LLC has a team of licensed, insured and certified electricians on standby. We are ready to install your generator the right way. You can also feel at ease knowing AJP Electric employs the best customer service representatives in the state. Regardless of what electrical concern you may have, when you call AJP Electric LLC we guarantee our team of experts will assess your needs and deliver the best solution at affordable rates.

How to Choose the Best Company to Install Your Generator


When choosing a generator installer, you should make sure they have an established reputation with the community. When you tell a neighbor who you hired, they should be able to say “We use them too!� This typically means that the company has been around for at least five years, and it’s also good to make sure there are no complaints filed against them by customers or local authorities. AJP electric checks off all of these boxes so can choose us with confidence.  


when choosing to hire a Generator installer in Marlborough, CT, you should make sure they have experience installing various types and brands. Knowing this will give you the extra confidence to ensure the company knows what they are doing.

License & Certification:

the generator installer you choose to hire in Marlborough, CT should be 100% insured, licensed and certified. We are familiar with local business codes and requirements for installing your generator safely and correctly.


Generator installations in Marlborough aren’t usually a pretty penny. Many companies will overcharge because they think they can without consequence. At AJP electric, we provide you an estimate of all your charges upfront before we begin.


AJP electric has loads of references from previous clients, many of those being from residents in Marlborough, CT. You can ask any of our previous clients for residents, especially local ones that you know personally or through a friend or family member. They will all highly recommend our generator installation service and it is also a great way for you to learn more about our company’s great quality work, customer service, and professionalism. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM. AJP electric promises to always put the needs of our clients first. You are our top priority and we will always be here for when you need us in Marlborough, Connecticut for generator installation.  Call 860-875-7755 today or visit our Website for more information