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When you need an LED Lighting Upgrade Electrician in the Ashford CT area, call AJP Electric LLC. When you have old wiring with equally old or inadequate lighting in your home or business office, you will want to have a licensed electrical contractor inspect the system first. There are many benefits of using Light Emitting Diodes instead of incandescent or even compact fluorescent bulbs. LED lighting is more durable, lasts longer, are cool to the touch, are made of non-toxic materials, are recyclable, and are available in a variety of color options. If you really want to reduce your energy consumption significantly, converting to LED lighting will certainly do it. A light emitting diode can last for 60,000 hours and is 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs. Because they are not glass vacuum filament bulbs, they don’t shatter when dropped or handled. There are no toxic gas vapors involved with light emitting diodes, and they are recyclable.

When you need advice about new LED lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting or wiring, AJP Electric will be happy to schedule a consultation.When you want to make a statement with lighting, consider having recessed lighting fixtures installed. Replacing an overhead fixture and table lamps with recessed lighting declutters your space. These lights are mounted into your ceiling and can provide both ambient and task lighting to just about any area in your home. These lights are available in many finishes and shapes. Your choice of bulbs include incandescent, fluorescent and LED. Fixtures that rotate, revolve and swivel are often used to light a gallery or artwork.

Recessed lighting installation must adhere to code requirements depending upon the location they are installed. All recessed fixtures are to be installed based on the regulations of your local municipality. Over the years, these fixtures have undergone improvement to ensure their safety, efficiency and ease of installation. Proper installation is required to reduce their fire hazard but also to prevent the buildup of condensation, mold growth and to minimize drafts.

We are a family owned and operated company, based in Tolland CT. Our motto at AJP Electric is ‘no job is too small’. When you would like to have lighting installed in or around your home or business, please call us for a consultation. Call 1-800-875-7755 today.

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