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When you need electrical services for your home or business in Bolton CT, call AJP Electric LLC. A full-service company, AJP Electric is a leading electrical contractor serving Tolland County. We wire new structures, install parking lot lighting, rewire for renovations and remodels, and more. Whether you need emergency services, troubleshooting or repairs, you want a reliable licensed electrician when you need one. AJP Electric LLC accommodates homeowners, business owners and commercial clientele. Whether you live in a relatively new home or an antique colonial, ask AJP Electric about updating your electrical service. In older homes and buildings, your current service may not be adequate for your modern appliances and air conditioning. If you find that your circuit breaker trips while your air conditioner is running, call AJP Electric right away. Unless a licensed electrician inspects the circuits, you may have an unsafe electrical issue in your home.

As licensed electrical technicians, we are experienced in all aspects of installations and electrical wiring. Wiring over 20 years old can be a safety hazard. In the era of the smart appliance, just replacing your television and kitchen range may tax your electrical service. Old wiring is more than an inconvenience, it is not safe.Today’s energy efficient appliances may trip circuit breakers in older buildings. Depending on your needs and the appliances you own, you may even need to upgrade modern wiring to support new appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and other projects. The older a home is and the more times it has changed hands increases the likelihood that changes will have deviated from original design of the house. Call AJP Electric at 1-860-875-7755 for a free consultation. We can tell you what to expect and give you a plan that is affordable and safe for you and your family.

Our Services include:

Generator Installation


Electric Heat Installation

Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades

Lighting Fixture Installation

Kitchen and Bath Exhaust Fan Installation



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Electrical Services | Bolton CT | AJP Electric LLC

recessed led lighting

Recessed LED Lighting – Bolton CT

Create drama in your kitchen, bathroom, den, or living room with recessed LED lighting. When installed in combination with other varieties of lights, recessed lighting created interest, improves the mood, and brightens up problem areas in your home. AJP Electric LLC is your local licensed electrical contractor serving the Bolton CT area. We are a family owned and operated company, accredited by the Better Business Bureau. When you want to make a statement with lighting, consider having recessed lighting fixtures installed. Replacing an overhead fixture and table lamps with recessed lighting declutters your space. These lights are mounted into your ceiling and can provide both ambient and task lighting to just about any area in your home. Recessed LED downlights are fixtures that are out of sight until they are switched on. They are practical In older homes with low ceilings, over your fireplace mantle, in a dark corner, above your shower, in a hallway. These lights are available in many finishes and shapes. Your choice of bulbs include incandescent, fluorescent and LED. Fixtures that rotate, revolve and swivel are often used to light a gallery or artwork.

Recessed lighting installation must adhere to code requirements depending upon the location they are installed. All recessed fixtures are to be installed based on the regulations of your local municipality. Over the years, these fixtures have undergone improvement to ensure their safety, efficiency and ease of installation. Proper installation is required to reduce their fire hazard but also to prevent the buildup of condensation, mold growth and to minimize drafts. Our motto at AJP Electric is ‘no job is too small’. When you would like to have lighting installed in or around your home, please call us for a consultation. Call 1-800-875-7755 today.

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Recessed LED Lighting | Bolton CT | AJP Electric LLC

exhaust fan installation

Exhaust Fan Installation – Bolton CT

When your home or business offices need professional exhaust fan installation, call upon the services of AJP Electric, LLC. Exhaust fans provide healthy ventilation in key areas like your bathroom, kitchen, garage and basement. These rooms typically accumulate moisture from bathing, cooking, toxic fumes or other factors. Odors, chemical fumes, mold spores, heat and excess humidity can be safely discharged to the outside of the building. Proper exhaust fan installation and correct venting ought to be done by a qualified electrical contractor. Professional installation assures your room will have the appropriate fan to perform the job.

With AJP Electric, your ventilation issues can be solved by a reputable electrical contractor. We can do a new installation for you or upgrade to a combination fan/lighting fixture or fan/heating unit.  Safe wiring and proper ventilation are guaranteed when you select AJP Electric for your installation. We are a family owned and operated local company. We are accredited by the better business bureau and enjoy an A+ rating.


Exhaust Fan Installation | Bolton CT | AJP Electric LLC

electric fireplace heater

Electric Fireplaces – Coventry CT, Bolton CT, Ellington CT

Electric fireplaces are gaining popularity as an attractive source of supplemental heat for your home. There are many attractive styles from which to choose, so finding a fireplace that complements your decor should not be a problem. Although we are not endorsing one particular brand over another, it is wise to shop for brands that are UL Certified and/or CSA Certified. You want to purchase a brand that has been inspected under strict quality control guidelines. Permits are not required to install electric fireplace heaters. Although it is safe to leave an electric fireplace insert on overnight, you probably will want to turn it off when possible. The top brands like Dimplex, Classic Flame and Real Flame are among those certified safe for consumers. Look for features such as safety shut-off, automatic shut-off timer, and a temperature limiter.

It is important to observe basic safety precautions when using an electric fireplace. Electric fireplace heaters should never be connected using extension cords. They should be plugged directly to a wall outlet or hardwired into your home’s electrical system. A free standing electric fireplace heater has a few advantages over a natural wood burning fireplace, a coal burning unit, or natural gas. You can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace in your house or apartment without the hassles, cleaning, maintenance, and fuel costs of traditional fireplaces. As a decorative element, electric fireplace heaters can beautify your livingroom, three season room, den or bedroom. There are so many very attractive models available that will improve the ambience of your living space even when not in use. They use about as much energy as a simple space heater. An electric fireplace heater can be installed anywhere at little cost. There are absolutely no carbon emissions, no fuel is consumed, no venting is required, and there is no messy ash to clean up. Call AJP Electric LLC at 860-875-7755 with any questions you may have today.

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Electric Fireplaces | Coventry CT, Bolton CT, Ellington CT | AJP Electric LLC

AJP Electric - Electrical Contractors

Rave Reviews for Electrical Contractors – Bolton CT

Electrical Contractors serving Tolland County

AJP Electric LLC are local electrical contractors who have earned the respect and adulation of our clientele. We have proven to be dependable, hard working, and efficient. We all take our electrical supply for granted. When there has been a power outage, the safety, security and comfort of your home or business can be compromised. Without power, you lose heating and cooling, security and lighting, and the ability to pump well water. For your peace of mind, AJP Electric offers emergency service.


Reviews for AJP Electric LLC

Highly recommended. We’ve used AJP in a number of instances. Responsive, punctual, friendly and always does a great job. We received a handful of bids for a tv mount/install/wiring behind drywall & above the fireplace. AJP’s bid was competitive but they were the most responsive. We’ll continue to use them going forward.”  Steve P., Tolland CT


Josh was great to work with. Very responsive to all questions and concerns. Quickly provided a quote and was able to come out the following week to install the new heaters. The baseboards look and work great. Would definitely use again.” Ben R. in Manchester, CT


The experience my wife and I had with AJP electric could not have been any more positive. We recently purchased a new home and needed several electrical jobs completed. I called Josh on a Wednesday morning to see if he could give me an estimate and he made time on that day to stop over and check things out. The estimates I received for recessed lights with a dimmer, a fan/lights in a sunroom and several new GFCI’s throughout the home could not have been any more reasonable. Josh than scheduled a time within a few days to complete the work and did an amazing job on all of it. As a new homeowner I couldn’t be happier with AJP for any electrical work I will be needing in the future! Thanks again Josh you made the process so easy and enjoyable.”  Michael Rooney


When you hire AJP Electric, you will receive quality electrical service from a locally owned and family operated business with over 15 years of experience in on-site electrical troubleshooting and maintenance. Locating a licensed electrician that will fit into your budget is not a simple task. Many don’t provide you with a free quote for you to determine if you can even afford them. AJP Electric eliminates surprise costs. We will review your needs carefully and provide you with a free quote. Call 860-875-7755.


Rave Reviews for Electrical Contractors | Bolton CT | AJP Electric LLC

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electrical contractors coventry ct

Electrical Contractors – Bolton CT

Electrical Contractors in Eastern CT

You can call any number of electrical contractors in your service area, but AJP Electric LLC is one of the best. AJP Electric offers reliable, personable service for all of your electrical needs. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, a large job or a small project, give AJP Electric a call. We will wire a new property or rewire an old home. Whenever you add electric appliances or computers, renovate or add a room, or install heating and cooling equipment, you need a licensed electrician. We are fully qualified to improve your wiring or service in any capacity. We will upgrade your electrical panel, add to your existing electrical outlets, wire and install brand new lighting fixtures throughout your home or office. Naturally, when you are adding to your living space or upgrading an enclosed porch, you will want to add adequate wiring, outlets, and provide for heating and cooling appliances.

AJP Electric is a family owned and operated company, and we strive to provide high quality electrical services to our clients. We will work within your budget and provide a free quote when you request our services. When you hire AJP electrical contractors, you will receive quality electrical service from licensed contractors. We are members of your community and have over 15 years of experience in on-site electrical troubleshooting and maintenance. We have earned a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ as an accredited business, with twenty-eight “5-star” customer reviews. AJP Electric LLC is open 6 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm for your convenience, with emergency service available. Call when you have a question about an electrical issue and ask for a free quote: 860-875-7755.

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Electrical Contractors | Bolton CT | AJP Electric LLC

electrical remodeling,licensed electricians

Licensed Electricians – Bolton CT

Electrical Contractors serving Tolland County

AJP Electric LLC are licensed electricians that accommodate residential, commercial, and municipal clients in Tolland County CT. We provide a full range of electrical wiring, panel upgrades, electrical repair, lighting, fan, heater and outlet installation, and generator hook ups. We will wire new buildings, residences, commercial offices, and rewire old buildings. Our work is meticulous and professional, and we are safety conscious. We have an excellent work ethic and are dependable, hard working, and efficient. We respect the fact that during an outage, losing your electrical power, your lights, security alarms, heating, cooling and well water supply may put you or your business at risk. Plan ahead before the next winter storm and ask about our generator installation services. Should you need emergency service, you can always give AJP Electric LLC a call.

When you hire AJP Electric, you will receive quality electrical service from a locally owned and family operated business. We have 15 years of experience in on-site electrical troubleshooting and maintenance. Locating a licensed electrician that will fit into your budget is not a simple task. AJP Electric eliminates surprise costs. We will review your needs carefully and provide you with a free quote. When you have an electrical emergency, call AJP Electric at 860-875-7755.


Licensed Electricians | Bolton CT | AJP Electric LLC

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