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AJP Electric LLC is a licensed contractor that can take care of your electric heater installation this fall. We service residential and commercial clients in the Vernon CT area. For supplemental heating in a basement office, an enclosed porch, a guest room, or a loft, consider a baseboard unit. If you have pets or small children, you will want a safe, clean heating solution. For safety reasons, AJP Electric LLC strongly suggests you consult a licensed electrical contractor for any heater installation. You may have to run a separate circuit for any electric heaters you want to install. Whether you mount electric heaters in walls or along the baseboard, installing a heater on a separate electrical circuit is safer than plugging one into a wall socket. We can establish a 240-volt circuit and install a programmable thermostat. Most homes have sufficient capacity for the new circuit in your electric panel.

For any large or small electrical jobs you need done, from circuit panel upgrades to recessed lighting, give AJP Electric LLC a call. Our motto “No job too small” reinforces our desire to take on those small projects that other companies may not want to do. Many of my clients are very happy to find an electrician they are comfortable with. Rather than attempt a project on your own or put up without service at all, give me a call. I hope to be your first choice for years to come. When you hire AJP Electrical, you will receive quality electrical service from a locally owned and family operated business with over 15 years of experience in on-site electrical troubleshooting, installation and maintenance. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating. Please call 1-860-875-7755 for a consultation today. 

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Electric Heater Installation | Vernon CT | AJP Electric LLC

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Commercial Lighting Contractor – Vernon CT

Commercial Lighting – Indoor and Outdoor

Call AJP Electric LLC when you need the services of a licensed commercial lighting contractor in greater Vernon CT. Whether your property needs security lighting, parking lot lighting, or outdoor lighting in your patio area, you need a licensed electrician to do the job. If you have an outdoor entertainment area you would like to illuminate, AJP Electric is a phone call away. Do you need ideas for making an outdoor space extraordinary? Create drama with custom landscape lighting around gardens, beside walkways and paths. Do you have a bandstand, gazebos, promenades, and water features to illuminate? Outdoor lighting really changes how the public utilizes your space. Wherever your property or grounds can use illumination, call on AJP Electric to fill the need.

Indoor and outdoor illumination can transform the space, make it more inviting, and provide safety. Today LED lighting fixtures are long-lasting and come in many styles. Recessed LED fixtures change the ambience and mood of an indoor space, whatever its purpose. Indoor LED recessed lighting fixtures must be installed correctly to reduce fire and other hazards. Local regulations and code requirements must be followed for safety reasons. We follow all the local building codes on every job.

For electrical services, new construction, remodeling and renovations, electrical service upgrades, Generac generator installation, to outlets and plugs, we do it all. AJP Electric is a family owned and operated company. We bring our knowledge, attention to detail and experience to every electrical job. Our motto at AJP Electric is ‘no job is too small’. When you would like to have lighting installed in or around your commercial property, please call us for a consultation. AJP Electric has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (view our BBB profile here). Call 1-800-875-7755 today.


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Commercial Lighting Contractor | Vernon CT | AJP Electric LLC

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Remodeling Electrician – Vernon CT

Electrical Contractors Tolland County

When you are looking for a remodeling electrician in the Vernon area, give AJP Electric LLC a call. When you are planning to add a room, renovate an existing room, or reconfiguring a section of your home, you will need a licensed electrical contractor on the job. Making changes to your home’s wiring should begin with an inspection of your existing service. There are several important points we want to make about do-it-yourself remodeling. Drilling into a wire can be a safety hazard. Wiring for new appliances without upgrading the service my cause a host of problems.

As licensed electrical technicians, we are experienced in all aspects of installations and electrical wiring. From a basement finishing project, a kitchen and bathroom renovation, a room addition, or a complete interior and exterior lighting refit, count on AJP Electric to complete the work to the highest standards of workmanship. Old electrical wiring can be a safety hazard. In the era of the smart appliance, just replacing your television and kitchen range may tax your electrical service. Old wiring is more than an inconvenience, it is not safe.]

If you’ve ever lost power when running the microwave and the coffeemaker at the same time, you know what I mean. You might need to change ungrounded 2-prong outlets to 3-prong outlets, and rewire the house to get rid of old knob-and-tube wiring that can start a fire. Depending on your needs and the appliances you own, you may even need to upgrade modern wiring to support new appliances, computers, entertainment systems, and other projects.The older a home is and the more times it has changed hands increases the likelihood that changes will have deviated from original design of the house. It’s best to err on the side of caution when renovating older homes. Call AJP Electric at 1-860-875-7755 for a free consultation. We can tell you what to expect and give you a plan that is affordable and safe for you and your family.

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Remodeling Electrician | Vernon CT | AJP Electric LLC